Wall's, which is unforgettable ice cream ​​in the summer, can forget from people as soon as the weather gets cold and this situation angered Nogger ice creams. So Nogger's asked the same question whoever appeared in our commercial. "Who said It couldn't be eaten Wall's in the winter?" Anyone who heard this question in the commercial, they started to blame on someone else.
The Nogger's said, "Certainly, one who knows on social media?" With our social media ads, they asked thousands of people on the internet who were eating ice cream in the winter. The reward was Wall's's new ad face and a chance to win an iPhone 7 every week.
Then, with social media posts, they searched Wall's lovers in winter for Wall's's new ad faces.
As a result of the campaign on social media, we selected the people who eat Wall's in the winter. To sum up, we made digital rackets, billboards and social media posts with these people. Thus, an advertising campaign connecting with the customer.