The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change revealed that the main cause of
global climate change is the increase in greenhouse gas emissions
as a result of human activities.

The impact of climate change is not just an increase in temperatures.
Plants, animals and ecosystems, as well as human communities,
are in serious risk as a result of factors such as drought,
floods, severe hurricanes, increased frequency and impact of extreme weather events,
elevated ocean and seawater levels, increased acidity of the oceans, melting glaciers.

The effects of climate change are already being observed and expected
to become more evident in the future. Extraordinary weather events such as heatwaves,
drought and floods are expected to occur more frequently and intensely.

Besides, the unavoidable pace of technology development and global pandemics
are now part of our lives.

Considering all of these, what kind of future awaits us
if we don't take the right steps from now?
Do you think we can have a future where are safe?

In the economically and educationally developed countries,
safety is a basic necessity of working life.
Both local governments and businesses use warning signs
to alert people to ensure safety in their workplace.

This can prevent possible accidents and unwanted situations.
Simple signs tell us how we should act
in the specific conditions which sometimes save lives.

With this project, we look at what kind of life possibly awaits us in the future.
I wanted to show what could be waiting for us in the future using new signs.